Hotshotz Photography offers Professional Commercial Photography in and around Newcastle, Maitland, Singleton, Muswellbrook and the Hunter Valley NSW. Over the past 20 years, Hot Shotz has earned a reputation for capturing the strongest industrial, corporate and commercial photographs for some of the largest organisations throughout Australia and the world

Real Estate Agent Portrait

Promotional Images for Real Estate Agency Staff Session

Promotional Images for Real Estate Agency Staff Session   I was asked to capture new staff images for a local Real Estate Agency. We did a relaxed outdoor session in a local recognisable location. These are the images they received. CR0_6022CR0_6023CR0_6029CR0_6032CR0_6035CR0_6037CR0_6043CR0_6045CR0_6049CR0_6052CR0_6054CR0_6059CR0_6060CR0_6061CR0_6066CR0_6067CR0_6068CR0_6070CR0_6074CR0_6079CR0_6080CR0_6084CR0_6085CR0_6088CR0_6089CR0_6094CR0_6096CR0_6098CR0_6100CR0_6105CR0_6106CR0_6110CR0_6114CR0_6115CR0_6116CR0_6118CR0_6120CR0_6122CR0_6123CR0_6130CR0_6131CR0_6133CR0_6145CR0_6178CR0_6180CR0_6190CR0_6192CR0_6193CR0_6206CR0_6207CR0_6209CR0_6212CR0_6214CR0_6218CR0_6221


Family Portrait in Maitland

Recent family portrait shot outside Maitland. This family won one of our $900 Fundraiser Gift Voucher that we donated to South Newcastle Junior Rugby League Football Club. It was a pleasure to meet them and capture the family before one of the kids headed to the UK indefinitely. If you are interested in a Family…


Outdoor “All Me” Session with Phillipa in Singleton

Outdoor “All Me” Session with Phillipa in Singleton Can’t believe it took me so long to get around to photographing this beautiful girl. I think I nearly did her justice! If you would like a session like this one see our “All Me” packages and special offer here Cheers Matt CR0_8184_pCR0_8187_pCR0_8195_pCR0_8242_pCR0_8245_pCR0_8247_pCR0_8254_pCR0_8288_pCR0_8407_pCR0_8410_pCR0_8457_pCR0_8461_p_