Let us capture the true spirit of your child at this important time with our End of Year Farewell School Photography Year 6 Portraits (No Charge)


The School Photography Year 6 Portraits is shot 4-6 weeks before the end of term 4, this Year 6 End of Year Farewell Portrait makes for a fantastic end of year presentation, from the school to each graduation Year 6 student.

 We let the kids have some input into where it’s shot, beach, park or local hangout. They are out of uniform and often bring along their football, scooter, skateboard, guitar or whatever their hobby or interest is, something that helps portray them.

 These are real portraits with totally relaxed kids and parents rave about their child’s portrait when displayed and then presented at their End of year function

  • Every child receives a group portrait and an individual portrait.
  • Shot at school or on favourite location.
  • Includes students choice of prop.
  • Relaxed, natural, fun portrait.

*Available upon booking of following years school portraits (yes if you book next year we will shoot it this year).