School portraits with personality…

We feel strongly about outdated school portrait photography. Quite simply… if you’re still accepting stiff smiles and motley blue backgrounds you aren’t giving your parents the best value for their money or your children the chance to have something special to treasure in years to come. They deserve better.

The purpose of an ABOUT US page is to tell you things like…

My name is Matt Shearer and I’ve been photographing for over 20 years based in Newcastle, NSW. I have extensive experience in school portrait photography and have captured thousands of beautiful smiles. I carry out high end commercial photography including commercial marketing campaigns, Industrial, Corporate, Real Estate, Product, Model Portfolios, Family Portraits and of course how good I am at it .

What I’d REALLY  like you to know about me and about our Newcastle school portrait photography is…

how passionately we strive to bring you the most amazing quality images and the ultimate photographic experience possible. I love what I do. I love taking school portraits and capturing the character of each and every child in an image they will be proud to look back on.

I use the very latest environment-conscious products, technology and techniques. In an industry where so many are stuck in the 20th century, we will strive to give your parents the value portraits they deserve while supporting your school in new and exciting ways. We want to lead the way and take School Photography to a new level of quality, service and support.
We are clever, innovative and unique.

I hope you like what you see. We would certainly love the opportunity to bring it to you


Newcastle Primary School Portrait Photography

Newcastle Primary School Portrait Photography