Looking for Great Pre School Photography in Newcastle…read on.

The purpose of an ABOUT US is to tell you things like…

My name is Matt Shearer and I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years, I am based in Newcastle, NSW. I have extensive experience in Pre school photography and have captured thousands of beautiful smiles, I do all sorts of other professional photography including family portraits, sporting groups, model portfolios and commercial marketing campaigns and of course how fantastic I am at it.

What I’d really like you to know ABOUT me is…

How passionate I am about Pre School Photography and how I strive to bring you the most amazing Pre School Photography and the ultimate experience possible.

I love what I do. I love seeing the expression on a child’s face when I tell them I have snails for breakfast or tell them that Buzz is Woody and Woody is Buzz :-)

I don’t just do Pre School Photography for the money, never have. Very often if I take 2 good photos of a child I print the 2nd one and include it anyway! That’s not about profit. I love capturing the character of each and every child in an image they will be proud to look back on. Our Pre School Photography package prices start at just $15.

I use the very latest environment-conscious products, technology and techniques. In an industry where so many are stuck in the 20th century we strive to give your parents the value they deserve while supporting your school in new and exciting ways.

We want to lead the way and take Pre School Photography to a new level of quality, service and support. We are clever, innovative and unique. I hope you like what you see of our Pre School Photography. We would certainly love the opportunity to bring it to you.

Traditional Pre School Photography Groups

We always do traditional Pre School Photography groups, I believe it is all part of the memory, the environment, the feel, the atmosphere. It’s what Pre School Photography is all about. So I don’t care how much more efficient, cheaper or easier it is to just do headshots… I’m not doing it.

I always do the group first, it makes the individual portraits soooo much better. The fun we have in the 10 minutes it takes to set up the group gets their attention and makes all the difference when it comes time for their individual portrait.

I believe our unique formula is the reason our pre-school portraiture is so efficient, yet so natural.

How it Works

Call or email and tell us how many enrolments you have and how many days you want you pre-school portraits taken, 3 is the norm, but some have 5, and some just have one. We will send you all the prices and a sample envelope, it usually costs more for more days but it depends on how many kids you have. We will work something out.

When we have all that price stuff worked out we will choose a day/s, and book it in. I will send a confirmation letter.

3 weeks prior to photo day I will send payment envelopes and a display poster. The display poster shows actual sized packages so parents are informed and know exactly which package they are purchasing.

Available Packs

Plastic folders are really bad for the environment and for your portraits. We care about both, so we don’t use them.

Photographs should be kept separate from plastic and glass as changes in humidity will cause the pictures to sweat and stick. Also, many plastics give off gases that damage your photographs.

The Benefits to You

  • Beautiful, natural portraits that parents rave about, guaranteed.
  • Neat and tidy traditional group portraits with school logo, school name, class name and day, children’s names, staff names and title, all on one piece of archival quality photographic paper.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging. No harmful glues, plastics or lamination.
  • Absolute, no questions asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Prompt 2 week delivery (from date names are returned).
  • Complimentary staff group and individual portrait
  • All images taken on the day are provided on CD.
  • We won’t disrupt your day, maybe your morning but not your whole day. Our average time to shoot 2 classes plus individuals is 1.5 hours.
  • The opportunity to offer parents the products they want to own from an easy to understand, no nonsense selection.
  • Puchase one single portrait or a superior value portrait package.
  • Outstanding value for money.
  • We supply a display poster showing actual size portraits for a three week period prior to photo days, your parents get to make an informed decision as to which portraits they purchase.
  • Our Family Portrait Fundraiser, you could raise thousands.

A Real Fundraiser…

ask us about our…
Valued at over $750.

Some schools have raised thousands!

We supply you with all the marketing material, flyers and raffle tickets you need to run the raffle. You set time frames and your draw date. Sell as many tickets as you can.

The lucky winner and their family will be photographed at an outdoor location… Beach, park or garden. They will be able to relax and enjoy while we create a lasting memory that will be cherished for generations to come.


Parent Comments

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Jason Pomfret reviewed on google+
Quality Excellent ★★★★

Got our photos back of my daughter from her preschool photography Newcastle the shots are brilliant got in touch with hot shots and their customer service and after sales are brilliant as well can’t wait to get copies of all the shots they took of my little princess for her first official preschool photos at Macquarie hills community preschool

Cheers Jason

ERIN MCTAGGART reviewed on google+
Quality Excellent ★★★★

We are over the moon with our sons preschool photos! The quality is outstanding not to mention the affordable price and such a natural shot of our little man! This is the 3rd time we have had photos from HOTSHOTZ and not once have we been disappointed! Thankyou for capturing another precious moment, would highly recommend HOTSHOTZ photography.

Lauren Ridges reviewed on google+
Quality Excellent ★★★★

LOVE LOVE LOVE my daughters pre school photos!!!! thank you for taking the time to ask the staff at the preschool to grab her hat! the photos are so natrual and so clear. perfect for hanging our precious little gem on our wall for all to admire.. THANK YOU

Mel Hicks reviewed on google+
Quality Excellent ★★★★

Matt is a pleasure to work with, we have worked with him on numerous occasions over the past 5 years and he just seems to keep getting better. We find Matt to be easy to work with, very efficient and he always seems to get the shot that we hadn’t even thought of, all while having a great time and entertaining everyone. We are always very happy with the results and will definitely be using Hot Shotz again.

Kristy Turner reviewed on google+
Quality Excellent ★★★★

I have just received my daughters pre school photography Newcastle which were taken this year by Hotshotz. They are absolutely brilliant. Better quality than any of our previous day care photots. I will be recommending Matt and his team to our dance school, sports teams and also in my workplace in case they need any pics done. There customer service is also very prompt and helpful. One very happy customer.


Jane Z reviewed on google+
Quality Excellent ★★★★

My son’s preschool photos came home today and they are fantastic, even better than last year! The individual photo is probably the best one we have of him and very natural, thanks so much.

Renee Bennett reviewed on google+
Quality Excellent ★★★★

Thanks Hot Shotz for the wonderful job you did of our preschool photos. They are the most natural preschools photos I have seen.